Registered Nurse | RN | LDR (Per Diem)

We need a Labor/Delivery Registered Nurse for a Per Diem shift in Lincoln City, OR.
Labor and Delivery Nurses are nurses that assess, delegate, and coordinate the nursing care for women during the process of childbirth.
Labor and Delivery Nurses are very similar to Perinatal Nurses, but only assist during labor verses seeing the woman during the entire pregnancy.
During a woman's labor, the Labor and Delivery Nurse monitors the fetal heart rate in order to determine if the baby is handling labor well.
The nurse also monitors the woman's blood pressure, temperature, strength and timing of contractions, and cervical dilation.
The nurse can assist the woman in finding ways to help labor progress more quickly and comfortably.
During the actual delivery, the labor and delivery nurse can help coach the woman with breathing exercises and pushing.

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